G/T News

We would like to thank all students for voting for our 17-18 BBMS Yearbook Cover!  We received more entries than ever before and were thrilled with the school-spirited artwork our students submitted.  The school-wide vote took place before Thanksgiving Break and we are now proud to announce that the winner of this year's cover contest is eighth grader, Amelia Krieg!  The following students were runners-up and will have their artwork displayed on the back cover of the yearbook: Eden Barnes, Emily Huang, Rylan Hudy,  & Maggie Krieg.  Congratulations! 


We would also like to remind BBMS families that eighth-grade baby pictures are still being collected for the yearbook.  You may email a high-resolution picture to: janine_sharbaugh@hcpss.org or send in a print photo to the Front Office. 


Remember that yearbook sales have begun!  Check out the BBMS Homepage for ordering information: http://bbms.hcpss.org/.


Finally, we'd like to thank the following Environmental Awareness GT Seminar students for doing a BBMS campus clean-up before Thanksgiving break.  Over 10 bags of trash were collected along the school grounds.  We thank you for being so dedicated to preserving our school's environment! 


  • Diego McCullough
  • Hannah Maloy
  • Ava Grace Rinkus
  • Danielle Veihmeyer
  • Kiera Conrad
  • Jonathan Feng
  • Isla Gleeson
  • Paul Gomez Wick
  • Chris Maloy
  • Jessica Nguyen
  • Justin Silver
  • Anna Wilson
  • Ember Anderson
  • Dean Baghdadi
  • Maddie Coleman
  • Mackenzie Cooper
  • Malyka Iqbal
  • Ashmeet Kaur
  • Marina Kim
  • Tammy Oladapo
  • Mia Rubio
  • Elizabeth Walter


Monday, November 27, 2017 - 12:00pm