Wed, 11/08/2017 - 10:06am


BBMS would like to thank two seventh-grade students for proudly representing the BBMS Debate Team at the HCPSS Academic Enrichment Fair last Saturday: Cypress Booker and Anna Mueller.  These two young ladies dedicated their entire Saturday morning to presenting information about the Debate GT Seminar to HCPSS families from all over the county.  Thank you for representing BBMS so well!


Book Club

BBMS would also like to thank our eighth-grade Book Club Leaders, who will be leading the county-wide Book Club discussion this Wednesday night at the Miller Branch Library: Maddie Coleman, Austin Jain, and Victoria Lee.  Reading and preparing thought-provoking questions for each book we read, these discussion leaders are a literary force!  Thank you for going above and beyond to spread the love of reading to our community! 



TV Crew

Finally, our eighth-grade TV Crew directors deserve to be recognized for the incredible amount of time they put in to making our morning announcements engaging and fun to watch every day of the week: Nico Drummond, Tammy Oladapo, Megan Otchet, and Jayna Patel. These four students arrive at 7:30 (frequently earlier) every school day to prepare for our live television broadcast of BBMS news and we are so thankful for your dedication.