G/T News

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 8:13am

Book Club Seminar News!

We would like to send a shout out to two students who led the Howard County Middle School Book Club Discussion last Wednesday night at the East Columbia Branch of the HC Library! 8th Grader GIGI RAGHAVA and 7th Grader SHEHBAZ KHAN created engaging and thought-provoking questions to use in the county-wide Book Club discussion of a book called Rebound. Gigi and Shehbaz proudly represented BBMS and we are so thankful for their participation and leadership in our BBMS Book Club and in the county.  We would also like to recognize ELLIOT BERMAN, SARAH TWADDELL, & NATALIA WAITE for attending the county discussion - thank you!


Environmental Awareness Seminar News!

Mr. Ensor and Mrs. Sharbaugh would like to thank our Outdoor Classroom Committee and our generous BBMS community for raising enough money to build a class set of outdoor chairs/tables as we begin constructing our first ever Outdoor Classroom!  The following students have been instrumental in leading the effort to make this dream a reality: JONATHAN FENG, PAUL GOMEZ WICK, CHRIS MALOY, HANNAH MALOY, SARAH ONUKAOGU & DORIAN YOUNG (MIA RUBIO AND MARINA KIM - now in 9th).  Thank you for your perseverance and engineering/design know-how!


Math Team, Jr. Seminar News!

Mrs. Varlotta and Mrs. Sharbaugh would like to recognize four 8th graders for competing in the state-wide Mathalon competition on Saturday, November 3 at North County High School in Glen Burnie.  Students participated in three rounds of individual and team mathematical challenges and proudly represented BBMS on a Saturday morning dedicated to math!  Thank you: ROBERT DUHON, SAI MATUKUMALLI, JESSICA NGUYEN & BEN SADORRA


TV Production Seminar News!

Mr. Yeargin and Mrs. Sharbaugh would like to recognize our school's TV Crew directors for creating weekly morning announcement shows that are delivered to a live audience via our TV Studio: JACOB BENESCH, MATTHEW DELLAROCCO, GRACE NANNI, KYLE REARDON, CJ SUMMA & IRIS XU.  Thank you for dedicating so much time, creativity, and enthusiasm to our morning show, "The BBC" and for managing our crew of almost 100 students!


Yearbook Seminar News!

We would like to recognize our eighth-grade yearbook editors, CYPRESS BOOKER & NAYA SOLANKI for training, leading, and planning a wonderful year of photography, layout, and design for our student yearbook staff.  Cypress and Naya are incredibly effective and efficient leaders, taking on a huge responsibility as BBMS Yearbook Editors and we thank both of you for the time and dedication you are giving to this special book of memories for our school.