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Thu, 10/24/2019 - 8:22am
GT News
Please wish the following students good luck!  They will be competing this Saturday, Nov. 2 at the annual, state-wide Mathalon competition!  Members of our Math Team, Jr. GT Seminar, these four students have qualified to represent BBMS at this event: Brayden Drake, Seth Markey, Samara Rahman, and Ryan Zhou.  They will compete in individual, invention, and team problem solving rounds.
Also, we would like to give a huge shout-out to the following BBMS Sharks for their incredible leadership, creativity, dedication, and passion for our BBC TV Crew.  These student leaders help to put on a live news show every morning, getting to school WAY before it starts to prepare.  Not only do they write a fresh script for every show, they make videos, write special features, master high-tech studio equipment, train student crew of close to 100 members, make the show fun and engaging, and so much more! We are so proud of them and so lucky that they are students here at BBMS!
BBC TV Crew Directors:
  • Emilia Katkow
  • Jean Lee
  • Grace Nanni
  • Andrew Rogers
  • Shelby Smith
  • CJ Summa
BBC TV Crew - Special Weekly Features:
  • Lily Granai
  • Serpahina Jerome
  • Landon Moore
  • Ryan Zhou