Principal's News Messages 2021-2022

Tue, 08/17/2021 - 8:37am

June 2022

June 3, 2022

Hello BBMS Families!

We hope this year has been positive for all of our students ~ can you believe there are only two weeks of school remaining???  

Over the last few weeks, Bonnie Branch has been filled with student activities, performances, and events that highlight the diverse talents here.  We heard wonderful musical performances from our students in Band, Chorus and Orchestra.  Our 6th Grade class had an amazing team building day, with a motivational speaker whose message focused on helping students find ways to get along, work together, and solve disagreements peacefully.  We saw the community and our PTA come out for a Spring Dance and an Amazing International Night that celebrated the rich cultures representative of our school.  Our stage came alive with the spring production of "Shrek"; which was nothing short of amazing!  And just today, our 8th grade students went to Centennial Park for a class picnic where they showed a level of maturity and bonding that demonstrates how much they care for each other and for their teachers.  It was a great day!  All of these examples help highlight the many great things happening in and around BBMS - we are so proud!

We are also excited that all of our standardized testing completed today and now our attention moves to the end of year.  Next week, students in our Fine Arts Programs will travel to Hershey Park on Wednesday, 8th grade students will visit high schools on Thursday, June 9, and the 8th grade celebration and dance will wrap up the week.  We look forward to seeing our 8th grade families here for the celebration which begins at 1:00pm on Friday.  Families will receive more details about the event, as well as tickets to attend the event, very soon.  Unfortunately, we had more requests for extra tickets than the gym can hold.  Please remember as you plan for that day to build in extra time to park at BBMS.  Parking is limited, so we encourage families to carpool whenever possible.

And lastly, June 6 to 10 is HCPSS PRIDE Week in Howard County.  Please visit this website to see all of the great activities happening around Howard County next week:  Bonnie Branch is participating by inviting all students, staff and community members to wear rainbows on Thursday, June 9, in allyship of the LGBTQ+ Community.  We moved the day from Friday to Thursday at BBMS to avoid any conflicts with the 8th grade celebration ceremony.  We will have rainbow stickers available in our Media Center next Thursday for anyone who wants to participate.

At BBMS, we want to help our students see that diversity exists in many forms and that when our views, beliefs, and ideals differ, that there are appropriate ways to have conversations that don't deteriorate into verbal attacks, harassment or intimidation.  We want our students to feel safe knowing that we support everyone's opinions, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.  We want our students to know that it is ok to have different views and that it isn't appropriate to try and influence or change someone else's view because it is different from their own.  We want students to know that everyone has a choice when it comes to participating or supporting events such as this and that we expect all students to treat each other with kindness and respect regardless of whether they choose to wear a rainbow or not.  This is a great learning opportunity for our students and we hope you take the time to talk with your students about it as we prepare for the week.  Please see below for resources and more information.

Go Sharks!!

Dr. Cockley, Principal


For resources and more information, HCPSS’ official page for our LGBTQIA+ youth as well as our HCPSS anti-discrimination policy can be found here:


How can we as a community help our LGBTQ+ students and our student population as a whole?

  • Show unconditional love and support

  • Use the student’s chosen pronouns/name

  • Seek out media that showcases a wide range of races/ethnicities, genders, and LGBTQ+ people

  • Keep communication lines open

  • Be kind to everyone; regardless of how they choose to participate


On Thursday, June 9th, BBMS invites all students, staff, and community members to wear rainbows in allyship of the LGBTQ+ community.



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