Principal's News Messages 2022-2023

Tue, 08/17/2021 - 8:37am

February 3, 2023

Weekly News from BBMS!


  • Report Cards (1/31 @ 4pm) - did you see your student's Q2 grades?
  • MAP testing
  • Beauty and the Beast @ BBMS!  Ticket Information
  • Yearbook is on sale now!
  • Reminders (because we can all use a good reminder now and again)


Dear BBMS Families,

Hi!  We are off and running into the 3rd Marking Period with students asking "when are we going to have a snow day????"!  The 3rd marking period is sometimes the toughest for students so advice to families is to monitor performance closely.  It is also a challenging time due to colds and flu; which can make classes even harder when students need to catch up from absences.  We know it is hard to stress the importance of attending school each day while balancing concerns of illness; so, please let us know if you have questions or need advice on when to stay home vs. when to come to school. 

As we mentioned in last week's message, we hope you were able to access report cards.  These were available for you to review on January 31.  And, for 6th and 7th grade families, please let us know if you need any help picking classes for next year.  Your window to this is now open!!

We are anxiously awaiting the opening night of "Beauty and the Beast"  (Feb 17-18-19).  Tickets go on sale this Monday, February 6.  Please read below for more details.  It is going to be an amazing show!!  How do I know that?  Well, we get to hear practices and rehearsals and see the sets students and staff have created.  It looks great and the sounds confirm:  students are getting ready!!

Until then... Go Sharks!

Dr. Cockley, Principal







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