GT News

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 11:05am
We would like to congratulate the following eighth-grade historians for earning a spot at the Howard County History Day Fair in March!  These students worked very hard conducting primary and secondary research on a self-selected historical topic relating to the "Breaking Barriers" national theme.  Please wish them luck as they prepare for the county competition!
  • Lamia Ayaz - Research Paper on The HeLa Cell Line
  • Grace Henderson - Research Paper on the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Mary Gorsky - Exhibit on School Integration
  • Emilia Katkow - Exhibit on the 1947 Mendez v. Westminster Case
  • Seth Markey - Website on Jonas Salk
  • Brian Won - Website on The Louisiana Purchase
  • Mitchell Dickson - Documentary on Jim Thorpe
  • Eneanya Obioha - Documentary on The Polio Vaccine
  • Samara Rahman & Raji Shah - Performance on the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • Lily Granai - Performance on Hamilton's Financial Plan of 1790

We would also like to congratulate seventh grader Teresa Cherian and sixth grader Annette Horner for winning the Environmental Awareness Committee's 3R's Poster Contest!  Their inspiring artwork will be prominently on display in our hallways!