If your child is out sick for 3 or more days, please contact Mrs. Mitchell at 410-313-2584. We will collect work from the teachers for you to pick up only if the student has been absent for 3 or more days. If they are only out 1 or 2 days have them call a homework buddy from their class, and check each teachers web page or wiki. If you are requesting work for a child who will be absent while on vacation, please notify Student Services at least one week in advance and understand more than 3 days are NOT considered a lawful absence. BBMS will do our best to provide you with work as you request, but turning all make-up work in a timely manner is the student’s responsibility.

A student should bring a note to the front office from home on the first day back to school after an absence, explaining the reason for the absence(s). Students are responsible for make-up work. Lawful absences include: absences for death of immediate family member, illness of student, court summons, hazardous weather conditions, observance of religious holiday, state emergency, suspension, and up to 3 days per year for a purpose determined by a parent/guardian. Prior notice to the principal is required.

Late Arrivals:
A student arriving at school after 8:10 should report directly to the front office. Students should bring a note from home with a legitimate reason for being late. Oversleeping, missing the bus, traffic, etc. are not considered excused.

Early Dismissals:
Students needing to leave school before the normal dismissal time should bring a note from home to the front office when they arrive at school. Students may not leave the building before a parent/guardian or other authorized adult signs the student out.

  • Please bring identification.
  • Please allow at least 15 minutes if your child has an early dismissal. Your child will need time to change clothes if in P.E. and go to their locker before being dismissed.
  • You do not need to call the school prior to dismissals if you arrive with enough time to retrieve your child.
  • The dismissal bell rings at 2:55 p.m. If possible avoid dismissals after 2:45 p.m.
  • If your student is present until 12:10 p.m. they are present for a full day of school.
  • If your student is present until 10:10 a.m. they are present for a half day of school.

Absence Note from parent

Extended Absence Form

Religious Absence Form