Black Saga

Looking for a way to learn about the African American experience? Want to make social studies; American history and geography come alive? This is it! A program developed for elementary and middle schools and one of the most exciting educational activities for students and teachers. It is the Award Winning educational activity called The Black Saga Competition.
The competition offers an exciting, fun-filled forum for students to learn about the experience of African Americans in the United States. Students are responsible for knowing the answers to more than 800 questions about the African American experience, an integral part of Americaís heritage.
Bonnie Branch has participated in the Black Saga competition for the past five years. Our team has been consistent in being first place county winners and won 2nd and 3rd place in 2009 and 2010 in the State competition, held at Towson University annually.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is an extremely successful program incorporated into the academic life of each 6th grade student at BBMS. It is a five day program designed to help students develop educational, cultural, social, physical, and recreational values.  At ODE, students participate in a number of exciting outdoor-based activities. Students spend four nights in gender-based, chaperoned cabins where parents serve as cabin counselors, activity presenters, or presenter assistants.

Poetry Slam

The Poetry Slam program at BBMS is an extra curricular, after school activity for students who enjoy reading or writing poetry, public speaking or having a good time with friends. Through slam poetry, students can experience poetry in a more passionate and expressive way. Students can choose to emphasize their poems in unlimited ways, such as a hip-hop style.  

Students will meet four times after school to practice a poem or two of their own choosing or an original poem written by the student. Students may perform their poems in a group or independently.

The Bonnie Branch Middle School PTA supports this program in celebration of Black History Month, since the program is held in the month of February. The night is celebrated as a wonderful, fun evening of poetry, music and community.
Parents are also welcome to volunteer their help, a dessert or snack for the program or even read their own poem on stage.
"When I read great literature, great drama, speeches or sermons, I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language." James Earl Jones

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

The BBMS STEM Club is preparing for its fourth year as an after-school program. This year, the club will meet Wednesday afternoons.  Our goal is to support the county, state, and national initiatives to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills for our students AND to have fun! We offer problem-based engineering challenges in the first session and a comprehensive unit on rockets and space flight in the second session.  Each session will run approximately 12 weeks and students may participate in either or both. The BBMS Rocket Launch in early June is fast becoming a family and staff favorite and is a great way to end the program and the school year. We hope student interest will increase this year as it has every year since the start. Questions about our program should be directed toward Mr. Nobis or Mr. Ensor.

Turkey Trot

The turkey trot is an annual BBMS event. All students participate in the turkey trot through their PE class. This is a fun run/walk race by students, staff and parents that crowns a student male and female winner in the end.

Welcome Everybody (WEB Leaders)

BBMS is the only middle school that has such a great program to help develop some of our student leaders. 8th grade students apply and are selected by teachers to become trained as mentors to welcome incoming 6th grade students to Bonnie Branch. Being a WEB leader is completely voluntary and consists of being able to make good decisions and lead in a positive way. The training takes place over the summer before 6th grade orientation. This program helps 6th graders build relationships with 8th grade students. The WEB leaders help them with their lockers, how to find a classroom, and give information on how to be involved with after school programs. The WEB program has become a cornerstone of great respect and responsibility with our 8th grade students.

G/T Instructional Seminars

  • The BBC Television Crew
  • Book Club
  • Computer-Generated Art
  • Debate Team
  • Environmental Awareness Committee
  • Film Institute
  • Leadership
  • Robotics
  • Yearbook

Instructional Seminars are designed to extend student interest. The G/T Resource Teacher provides advanced-level instruction and schedules these opportunities for interested students. Skill development might include written, oral, and visual communication skills, research skills, technology skills, and skills in visual or performing arts. Teachers, students, or parents may nominate students to participate in an Instructional Seminar.

G/T instructional seminars meet two to three times per month during the school day.  Students receive a meeting schedule, which also serves as their pass to leave class and attend a seminar in the Think Tank (the portable in the front of the school).  Students are scheduled on a rotating basis through various periods of the school day.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain and make-up any work missed from class. Exceptions:TV Crew is the only seminar that meets before school.  The morning announcements are rehearsed at 7:45 each day, so students must be able to get a ride to school to begin rehearsing promptly at 7:45.  Once in a while, a G/T seminar may have a special after-school meeting.