BBMS MAP Testing

Thu, 04/22/2021 - 8:48am
MAP Testing

On Wednesdays, May 19th and 26th, students in grades 6-8 will take the Measured Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. The data from the MAP assessment will help schools and teachers measure your student’s academic progress. The MAP test does not affect grades and the difficulty adjusts depending on how your child responds. It is normal for students to only answer about half the questions correctly.  To learn more about the MAP assessment, please visit: 

The reading test will be offered on May 19th.  The math test will be offered on May 26th.  If your child is unable to attend, makeup testing will be offered during asynchronous learning times. Teachers will share Google Meet information and your student’s testing group as we get closer to the May dates.

Please note the following exceptions for middle school testing:

  • Students in 8th grade GT-ELA do not take the Reading Test

  • Students taking HS level math classes (Alg1 or 2, Geometry or Statistics do not take the Math Test.)