After School Activities

Fri, 10/08/2021 - 12:55pm

After School Activities

After school activities are now available to  ALL STUDENTS.  These activities will be held primarily on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00-4:30 with a variety of options including: Academic Support, Student Council, School Musical (Shrek), Jazz Band, Step Team, Woodworking, Art Club, Yearbook, and Karate.

These are all free of charge, designed to help raise your child's confidence, peak their interest in new things and improve academic performance in reading writing, and math foundational skills. Please return all permission slips to Ms. Anna Gannon.

 If you have quesitons, please contact,, After School Program Coordinator.

Yearbook - Mrs. Wendt

Student Council - Mr. Powers, Mr. Puzon, and Ms. Travisano

Step Team - Ms. Gannon

International Club - Ms Jimenez

Art - Ms. Chesser

Jazz Band - Mr. Humphrey

Wood Shop - Mr. Ensor

Fun with French - Ms. Romans

Chess/Games - Ms. Romans

Karate - Mr. Snyder

Musical - Mr. Wilson, Ms. Chesser and Ms. Hauf